Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Since my husband, Father Moon, and I had our Holy Wedding in 1960, we have rarely been at home. We have invested our lives in the world, beginning with small villages south in the south Korean countryside, some near the Demilitarized zone dividing the North from the South, and moving to Japan and the rest of Asia, and thence to Europe, America, South America and Africa. I loved each place as my home, and embraced unfamiliar people as my brothers and sisters.

In the 1980s, Father and I led an interdenominational movement for religious reconciliation and an international movement for Korean reunification. We carried out campaigns to serve our society and promote peace. In 1990 we had a historic meeting with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, which contributed to the reconciliation between East and West during the final stages of the Cold War. Our 1991 meeting with North Korean leader Kim Il Sung stimulated official efforts for North-South unification while also promoting economic development in the north. As our movement expanded into some 190 nations, I would meet our members in every town and city I visited.

My husband’s ascension in September 2012 did not slow our momentum. I founded the Sunhak Peace Prize as a signpost toward a future filled with true peace. Our global movement is giving the Marriage Blessing to families in communities and nations throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are uniting capable people around the world centering on the dream of true peace, in which all people, beyond the walls of race, religion and nationality, live as one human family.

It feels like one day, but sixty years have passed since God brought Father Moon and me together in holy matrimony. Our ethic has been to put the people and nation before ourselves and our family; our mission has taken us beyond our own nation to work to save humankind: I will devote the remainder of my life to ending war, immorality and greed, and liberating God’s heart so that we can build a world overflowing with true peace and love.