The International Summit Council for Peace
The International Summit Council for Peace ISCP The International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP) is an international association of current and former heads of state and government from around the world, dedicated to bringing solutions to global agendas through series of discussions. The ISCP was established in 2019 and it has been expanding activities to achieve a world of lasting peace for the happiness of the humanity, through the efforts of resolving various challenges faced by the international community, including problems of inequality, poverty, war and terrorism, and security. By upholding the ideals of spiritual values, ethical principles, teamwork, responsible leadership, and good governance, the ISCP has been working together with leaders and experts in the fields of government, religion, academia, civil society, media, and arts, to develop solutions to world’s critical challenges through various interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dialogues.
The ISCP has been hosting the World Summits, International Leadership Conferences (ILC), Interreligious Leaders Conferences (IRLC). In addition, the ISCP has been expanding peace initiatives, including establishment of various associations for the harmony among religions, and leading initiatives for the peace in the Middle East, Northeast Asia, and the Balkans. The ISCP strives to realize the vision of one global family by working through a network of leaders in the fields of politics, religion, foreign affairs, security, and civil society, to maintain lasting peace for the humanity.
The World Assembly of the International Summit Council for Peace The International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP) was established in 2019, gathered by current and former heads of state and government, to pursue the path of mutual cooperation and mutual existence, building a world of lasting and sustainable peace. The ISCP is an international network that transcends national barrier to solve problems that are occurring in many part of the world, including disputes among territories, religious and racial conflicts, environmental problems, climate change and issues regarding poverty. At the International Leadership Conference, which was held in February 2016, participants felt the necessity to form an international association to explore solutions for world’s critical problems. After holding the inaugural conventions in all continents of the world, the ISCP was launched in February 2019, in Seoul, South Korea.
In February, The ISCP will hold its first World Assembly in Seoul, gathered by 5,000 current and former heads of state and government, members of parliament, leaders from various religions and faiths, and leaders from different fields and all levels of society. The ISCP strives to form an international network of cooperation that can be bequeathed to the future generations for the Korea’s bound into the next 100 years for the peaceful reunification and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula, by adopting a resolution for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.